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Bizarre sign

This is one of the most bizarre signs I have ever encountered. The sign is comical in itself: stick figure rides up the escalator and bumps his head on a hanging sign, the impact causing VIOLENT RED RAYS OF PAIN. Beware! All is well and good until, armed with a newfound caution, you look around for the offending object and realize that IT'S A SIGN ABOUT THE SIGN ITSELF.

It's located above the midpoint of the escalator between the 2nd and 3rd floors of Greenbelt 3. The logic behind the existence of this self-referential sign escapes me! What is it for? Why is it there? Did whoever put it up realize that if there were no sign, there would be no need to warn about it? Is this a joke from the developers? Is it a lesson in recursiveness? Is it a philosophical prop? What does it all mean? Why are WE here?

Owwww, my head....

EDIT (04/01/2006):

Oh dear. It seems I have been boingboinged [via MetaChat] and now the sign is all over the Internet.

But as I told the boingboing dude:
To answer your question: no, there was nothing different on the other side. Even if there had been, the view would have been blocked by the stone pillar behind it (see photo), and even if there hadn't been a pillar, it was hung too high up to be viewed clearly from ground level. I took the photo from the main vantage point most people saw it: standing right next to it on the up escalator, a mind-boggling surprise the first time you see it. :)

I am unhappy to report that the sign was taken down a few days after I posted about it. It made me very nervous to see it gone (it had been there for a couple of years), wondering if my LiveJournal post had anything to do with its disappearance, either taken down by the Ayala mall admins or stolen by a fan. Then the day after that, the sign was replaced by an identically-shaped transparent plastic board. It's nothing but a ghost of itself now - a sign-shaped sign with nothing on it, which is, in a way, just as funny!
NOTE 1: It has since been discovered that the sign is just a blocker to prevent people from leaning over the escalator and getting their heads caught between the narrowing wedge of the escalator rail and the metal rafter next to it.

NOTE 2: As to be expected when things like this hit Photoshop geeks' desktops, somebody has edited the sign so as to make it even more self-referencing.

NOTE 3: More photographic evidence of the sign here and here.

NOTE 4: Just how far will this craziness go?? Let's see!
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NOTE 5: OH DEAR LORD. Somebody had enough mindless boredom to make a YTMND page. o_O

NOTE 6: (11/02/2007) Uh oh, reddit gives the sign a new life.

NOTE 7: It seems to have been dugg and Stumbled Upon, too.
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